Illinois Civil Justice League: Not One But TWO Judicial Hellholes?

December 14, 2004

Not One But TWO Judicial Hellholes?

There's a wide-spread belief that when the American Tort Reform Association releases its annual "judicial hellholes" on Wednesday, Madison County will not only retain its title as the worst legal jurisdiction in the US, but that neighboring St. Clair County will be pretty close to the top of the list ( or should that be bottom of the list? ) as well.

If that's the case, the ICJL is predicting it will be the last time the two will be viewed so negatively. The recent election of Justice Lloyd Karmeier to the Illinois Supreme Court, and the removal of Gordon Maag from the Appellate Court, show that area voters are ready for reform. They are not likely to sit on the sidelines any longer if they do not see improvement in the local courts -- and that means all circuit and appellate judges ought to do a behavior and fairness check.


Blogger York said...

To quote the slogan of a recent presidential campaign :"Hope is on the Way" ! Even in Madison and St. Clair County.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Ed Murnane said...

It's Official. Madison and St. Clair -- Number One and Number Two in the US. Congratulations to Steve Tillery, John Simmons, Randy Bono, Brad Lakin, et al.

8:58 AM  

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