Illinois Civil Justice League: Hopkins to Maag: "Lawsuit is a colossal bad idea"

January 31, 2005

Hopkins to Maag: "Lawsuit is a colossal bad idea"

Madison County trial lawyer John Hopkins (who doubles as the anti-Tort Reform columnist in the Madison County Record), asks former Appellate judge Gordon Maag to drop his $110 million defamation lawsuit against the Illinois Coalition for Jobs & Prosperity.

According to Hopkins:

"Gordon Maag’s $110 million lawsuit is a colossal bad idea, and should be dropped.

Gordon, I have known you for 25 years, argued against you as a lawyer in the beginning of our careers, later to stand before you as a judge. I do consider you to be friend, albeit not a close one. Your lawsuit continues to feed the beast of negative publicity, flaming the fires of hysteria, not only against you, but all of us on this side of the ball."

A statement from the Coaltion for Jobs & Prosperity about the suit can be found here. The Belleville News-Democrat reported just after Christmas that an out-of-county judge would be selected for the case. The judge chosen by IL Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary McMorrow is Associate Judge Stuart Shiffman of Sangamon County.

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