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December 20, 2004

Definition: Problem (noun)

Problem - noun - (1): an intricate unsettled question (2): a source of perplexity, distress, or vexation (3): difficulty in understanding or accepting. (See Madison County Courthouse)

If there was any need for a continuing examples of the tort problems in Madison County, former Appellate Judge Gordon Maag provided another exhibit with 2004-L-1395, a $110 million defamation suit against the Illinois Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity, its chairman Ronald Gidwitz and treasurer Gregory W. Baise, as well as the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

The suit was filed by Rex Carr, an East St. Louis attorney who previously practiced with class action litigator Steve Tillery. Carr is a former president of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an exclusive club of American trial lawyers.

(Interestingly enough, Rex Carr's website provides the only known link of a law firm website to the Victims and Families United website.)


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