Illinois Civil Justice League: Madison County to Move Suit

December 24, 2004

Madison County to Move Suit

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting this morning that the local judges are seeking to move the Maag Defamation Case OUT of Madison County.

The Chicago Tribune has a whole lot to say about the Maag case in their editorial, "Gordon Maag's revenge," including:

Given that Maag is from Madison County, suing for the big dollars may come naturally. But, as with so much that comes out of that corner of the state, this suit perfectly illustrates the misuse of the state's justice system that so disgusted voters as they made judicial choices last month.

And, if you're enjoying a Pop-Tart this Christmas Eve morning, make sure you keep an eye on the toaster. Attorneys have been busy doing the same, working to lodge new litigation at the Pop-Tart producers. They've even hired an "expert" Pop-Tart cooker!

According to this morning's Post-Dispatch editorial:

Is this a great country, or what? Not only is it a place where you can blame someone else when you forget the Pop-Tarts in the toaster, but it's also a place where a kid can study hard to get an electrical engineering degree and make a living as an expert at toasting Pop-Tarts.

In Madison County, this case would bring a couple million bucks, easy.


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