Illinois Civil Justice League: Rex Carr's busy December

December 21, 2004

Rex Carr's busy December

Rex Carr, the lawyer behind the $110 million Maag lawsuit, was busy spending his money in other places today. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Carr transferred $500,000 from his RC Holding Company to International Fuel Technology, of which he serves as a director. According to the IFT website, which lists their Insider and Rule 144 transactions for 2004, Carr has already invested more than $1 million in the past 12 months.

From the St. Louis Business Journal:

Rex Carr, a director of International Fuel and senior partner of the Carr Korein Tillery law firm in St. Louis, is president and 41 percent-owner of R C Holding, which owns and operates five hotel boats in France. In addition, he holds 26 percent of the outstanding stock of International Fuel.

Carr's other businesses include Art Company London, which manufactures and sells art reproduced on canvas; the Carlyle Limited Partnership, which operates a marina at Carlyle Lake in Illinois; and numerous apartment complexes in Illinois.


Blogger Amy Allen said...

The unmitigated largesse of the Madison County "trial lawyer industry" never ceases to confound. Astute post, sir, as usual. Thanks for linking to me in the post on Maag.
Amy Allen
Obiter Dictum Blog

9:16 AM  

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