Illinois Civil Justice League: A Tale of Two Blogs

December 19, 2004

A Tale of Two Blogs

The Madison County Record mentions our new ICJL Blog in their weekly Dicta column, which also features speculation about early retirements for Byron, Ferguson & Kardis (the three judges retained in 2002). While the image of "dueling blogs" is probably harder to visualize than "dueling banjos" or "dueling pianos," we should stress that we're not trying to compete with Notes from the (Legal) Underground.

Speaking of "Notes," Evan Schaeffer has a short story about his recent brush with KMOX radio host Charlie Brennan and I-LAW Director Steve Schoeffel. If Schaeffer felt silenced by Brennan's early "click," imagine how Schoeffel felt when he was served with notice of the TRO issued by Williamson County Judge Phillip Palmer. Getting hung up on definitely lacks the legal fees of defending a TRO.


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