Illinois Civil Justice League: "Zany" is Just the Word

December 23, 2004

"Zany" is Just the Word

The Center for Justice & Democracy, a "national consumer" organization, has issued its Top Ten list for Zany Immunity laws, in an effort to discredit the tort reform movement.

As Ted Frank at smartly points out, the Top 10 list includes reforms that simply make sense and would only seem necessary because of the litigiousness of the country in which we now live.

As Ted demonstrates, these "awards" almost demonstrate our view perfectly:

How ridiculous are the CJD awards? One of the top ten "zany immunity laws" refers to "immunity" granted to placebo manufacturers and distributors. Except the immunity in question isn't immunity--it's an exception to a criminal statute prohibiting the sale of fake drugs!

Obviously biased already, the CJ&D appears to have furthered their cause by adding filmmaker Michael Moore to their advisory board.

"Corporate freeloaders are always looking for a handout and these kind of immunity laws are no different," he's quoted as saying in their press release, "And they are doing everything they can to convince decent, hardworking Americans to go along as their legal rights are simply taken away. How long are we going to tolerate this?"

One "zany" example given by CJ&D is immunity from liability for possible injuries sustained by the theft of anhydrous ammonia. Even the reports states: "This immunity may be of special interest to accident-prone thieves who depend on pilfered ammonia for operation of their illegal meth amphetamine labs."

Nice to know someone's looking out for the thieves' right to sue.

(This extra post will be the last regular post during the Holiday weekend. Hope everyone enjoys safe travel!)


Blogger Amy Allen said...

They probably have a similar opinion of the idenmnify granted to those who act in self defense, which, incredibly, was not until only recently the law in Illinois.
Amy Allen
Obiter Dictum Blog

2:44 PM  

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