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January 05, 2005

Guest Blogging

Today, we have a guest blog on "Notes from the (Legal) Underground," the blog of Metro-East trial lawyer Evan Schaeffer. Some might ask, "Why would you want to guest blog on a trial lawyer site?" A fair question. I've found that while Evan obviously feels differently about tort reform issues than the Illinois Civil Justice League, he has taken the time and space on his blog to address Tort Reform and he has been fair to advocates who have defended our viewpoint.

I encourage everyone to check out the Guest Blog, and defend our viewpoint when - I won't even pose "if" - our opponents post comments later today. But, I thank Evan for the opportunity to Guest Blog.

My Guest Blog touches on the comments made by Congressman Jerry Costello, who was once an opponent of tort reform and now appears to have changed his tune. Additional analysis of those comments is presented in a letter-to-the-editor by Godfrey retired surgeon Bob Hamilton, which appeared in this morning's St. Louis Post-Dispatch. His comments about Federalism and our state court system are definitely worth the read.

I'll post photos from the President's visit later this afternoon.


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