Illinois Civil Justice League: Old Year's Resolution (Final Results)

January 02, 2005

Old Year's Resolution (Final Results)

The Holiday Week presented an immense amount of interesting news. While there's no word on any interesting New Years Resolutions for the Madison County legal system, there was interesting resolution to 2004's legal record, including a News-Democrat report about new class action litigation regarding the Pfizer medication Celebrex.

The Madison County suit (04-L-1422) was filed by St. Louis firm Marker Armstrong LLP, which includes two attorneys who met while working for Carr Korein Tillery. Armstrong, in fact, is a former law clerk for former Appellate Judge Gordon Maag.

The Madison County Record details the top class action filers in 2004, which is seemingly more diverse from previous years. I believe this is first time (at least in the past three to four years) that Korein Tillery filed more than the Lakin Law Firm. As Brian Brueggemann reported last week, the overall numbers are down in Madison County from 2003, however ATRA recently reported in their Judicial Hellholes report that class action litigation in St. Clair County is now on the rise.


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