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May 23, 2005

Visible Evidence - Invisible Proof

In Illinois, trial lawyers look at clear evidence of the impact of lawsuit abuse against Illinois doctors and tell legislators they see nothing wrong with the legal system. What's visible evidence to everyone else must be invisible to the trial lawyers?

While trial lawyers seem to be great at making clear evidence invisible, they're now getting help at making invisible evidence visible! In the new June issue of the ATLA Trial magazine, trial lawyers will get instruction on "Proving Invisible Injuries":

It's said that seeing is believing, so what do you do when the jury can't see your client's injuries? The June issue of TRIAL tells you how to make invisible injuries visible.

It's this type of logic that explains why Illinois is heading into another "final week" of a legislative session for a third year in a row without having passed meaningful medical liability reform. If "seeing is believing" for trial lawyers, perhaps they should view Glenn McCoy's recent political cartoon for starters.

While trial lawyers learn more in June on how to better express to juries how to "prove" the need for an increase in non-economic damage awards, will there be many doctors left in Illinois for them to practice their newly-learned skills?

We should know in the next week...


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