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January 06, 2005

Stop the Insanity!

The Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch announced the results of its 8th Annual "Wacky Warning Label" contest today (past results available from Ted Frank at

The Winner:
A flushable toilet brush that warns users:
“Do not use for personal hygiene”

(Photo used with M-LAW permission)

As if the CJ&D Zany Immunity Awards weren't enough to remind us of how litigious our world is, now our fellow citizen needs help reminding not use a toilet brush as a tooth brush?!?

As if rubbing salt in the wound (Warning: This is just a cliche, PLEASE do not try rubbing salt in wound in your own home), CJ&D President Joanne Doroshow is quoted by the AP:

"It's much better to be very cautious ... than to be afraid of being made fun of by a tort reform group."

The bigger question is society's need for these warning labels. The obvious answer is that the manufacturer has put the warning label on the product to buffer them from litigation.

But, in its practical sense...Do we, as a society, now need a reminder to not use toilet brushes as tooth brushes? I would be insulted if anyone ever "reminded" me of the fact. You should feel insulted that trial lawyers and their spokespeople now require it!

It's not a question of being "ridiculed" by tort reform groups, the fact that the label exists is an insult from trial lawyers to the rest of us in humanity.


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